Tamanna Hot Hot Stills

Name: Tamanna Bhatia / Tamana Bhatia
nationality : Indian
Date of Birth: 21 December 1989
Birthplace :Mumbai
Height: 5'6 "
Hair color: Black
Eyes color : Black
Father Name: SanthoshBhatia
Mother Name: Rajani Bhatia
Brother Name: Anand Bhatia
Hobbies: Dancing, reading books
College Days : National College, Bandra
Languages Known :Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English
Favorite actor: Hrithik Roshan
Favorite actress: Madhuri Dixit
Favorite movies: Anand (Telugu), Erin Brockovich [English], DDLJ [Hindi], Mughal E Azam [Hindi]
Profession: Actress, Model
Hindi debut film: Chand Sa Roshan Chehra [2003]
Telugu debut film: Sri [2005]
Tamil debut film: kedi [2006]

Men's Hairstyles

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The various elements of our hair cut to play a significant role in our appearance. It is therefore advisable, taking into account all relevant factors when choosing a style. The texture of the hair as the face of all these elements are seen as key starting points, both when it comes to hairstyles for men and women.

One of the hottest trends in [url = http://your-hairstyles.com/mens-hairstyles title = Men's Hairstyles] hairstyles for men [link] more styles with layers, which act as shock and are very versatile. The edge of hair styles for men are in Here are some smart ideas on how to incorporate this presented particular elegant in its basic structure haircut. From design to thinner layers and styles biggest and most important, all hyper-popular this season and also highlight the best ways different approach. Check the following options and select the best suited to your tastes, personality and lifestyle.

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