Sanjana Hot Hot Stills

South Indian actress Sanjana was born on 10 October 1989 in Bangalore, Karnataka . Her original name is Archana Galrani and Sanjana is her stage name in movies. She was a model before entering the film industry.
Actress Sanjana acted first in Tamil film industry (Kollywood) with film Oru Kadhal Seiveer in 2006.

Top Fashion and Style Tips for Men in 2011

The recession is more about fashion and especially the mixture of borders is the concept that the tone for the next generation of style. This means that the casual attitude of fashion is becoming more common in males, remains dominated by a more informal dress is still the public.
The return of real men - strong style, men and conservative ideas
As the end of the mid-00 to the colors and patterns - a positive effect on the date style, the return of bright colors in men's fashion is new - it was a change of the base fabric is to decide in the last year shows no signs of slowing down.
Brands such as Calvin Klein and Marc Andre are very conservative in the fashion world thanks to its timeless style. No one leather and Marc Andre, and nothing attracts women like a man, the perfect leather jacket wore.
slim and attractive, the monochromatic been translated into national spirit in style. Leather and denim are dominated by the cloud of this kind, also welcomed more attention to the details of designer shoes for men.
The best shoes for men in 2011 - Clark Company and Mark Nason Boots "other" business
Every man must be at least two pairs of beautiful shoes or boots - one for the road and for more formal occasions. Clark unstructured easy a safe choice to meet the needs of business models and designers Final Mark Nason shoes high really a solid edge and male at the table without having to "work" itself.
Mark Nason is my favorite quality Men's designer shoes and boots, various types of spring immediately to mind real deal breakers set the tone for the whole team. Using Sussex with a pair of dark jeans battered, black tea, and difficult, a brown leather flap top a casual look. Those who prefer an organic look back, relaxed Starman might prefer to start with a symbol samples of various leather in earth tones and beautiful embroidery.
The shoe is a practice that is often overlooked, but also a financially weak people still have an eye of a solution that is the job hard enough to take a little wear and always claim seems great.
In the year 2011 is the key to fewer, higher quality clothing to choose up to next year with style and grace last. This means a return to strong, sustainable fabrics such as denim, leather and wool - these three in the mix in the new year to celebrate indeed!