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The Right Hairstyle for your face shape:

In choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape, it is important to know your shape in first position. While the barber or hairdresser, can help you to determine your face shape and creates hairstyle that compliments your shape and functions, the following tips will help you a glimpse of things before you consider the salon. Let's take a look at face shapes and changse in the hairstyle, you will see improvement.
A Round face: The key here is provide the balance. Stay away from full or round hairstyles, as they will mak the face appear more round. Keep the sides thinner and style the hair a little higher at the top and front to provide balance. An off-center part or a few waves at eye level helps minimize roundness. Round faces are better with more square hairstyles.
Features a round face: jawline is round , face almostas wide as tall, rounded cheekbones.

A square face: Similar to the round face, keep the sides thinner and short, while wearing the top longer and styled a little higher. Keep your hair clean around ears and make sure that the style reflects the square shape of the face – it will help make the square face shape pop.
Features a square face: square jawline, nearly as wide as long, straight sides, jaw and cheekbones the same width.

An oval face: Most any style is suitable because it considered the ideal face shape. That is, the attention should be given to other prominent features such as nose and the position of the eyes and ears. If you belong to the Oval group, is fortunate that almost any style will look good on you.
Features of an oval face: considered the ideal shape, slightly rounded jaw, no unusual features (such as large mouth, nose or eyes) , face shape similar to the shape of the egg.

A Long Face: a style that seems more on the sides and short on the top of the face appears less long and provide more balance. Go with a cut that has some layers and is worn so that the front hairline is disguised. A well groomed beard can help provide additional balance. Do not let the facial hair to become too long, as it will lengthen the face. Glasses can also provide a balance in the face and drawing attention away from the length of the face.
Features of a long face: face longer than it is wide, often rounded jawline, cheekbones and jaw the same width.

A triangular face: For a triangular face balance, choose a style that will narrow your forehead area and add the illusion of width to the chin. An offset part with bangs swept to the side and a beard can help accomplish this .
Characteristics of a triangular face: broad cheekbones and forehead, pointed chin.

A Diamond Face: For the diamond-shaped face, the target is to reduce the wider cheekbones and balance out a narrow chin and forehead. To d othis select a style with bangs to minimize forehead. Longer Shag hairstyles also good for diamond face
Characteristics of a diamond face: cheekbones are widest part of the face, forehead and jawkine are narrow, long pointed jawline

Apart from the usual face shapes, there are some that are a little more rare, including diamonds, pear and triangularwhile most people fall into one of above mentioned groups, others will need little more installation. Here are some simple guidelines:
• If you are wider at the bottom (pear shaped ), have hair fuller at the temples to give the balance to the thinner top.
• If you wider at the cheeks (diamond shape ), go with a leaner style - more narrow at the cheeks - and add some fullness at the crown, if necessary.
• If you have a pointed chin, bangs swept to the side just above the brow, can take the focus off the chin. A neatly trimmed beard can balance.
Of course these are only guidelines. One of the things is, I have noticed that men are notoriously bad at determining the shape of the face and often wrong. Consult a professional hair stylist or hairdresser, you has a style of your best qualities and the rest of the face can improve it.