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South Indian actress Poorna is originally from Kannur district in Kerala state of India. She is a Muslim by religion and her original name is Shamna Kasim. But she changed her name to Poorna as a stage name in movies. Shamna Kasim Poorna is a beautiful South Indian actress who started acting in Malayalam films , debut in Telugu and Kannada, and now became prolific Tamil film actress. She acting in about seven Tamil films this year as in 2010.

Actress Shamna Kasim debut in Malayalam film industry (Molly Wood) with the film December in 2005. Poorna has also debuted in the Telugu film industry (Tollywood) with the film Sri Mahalakshmi in 2007, in the Tamil film industry (Kollywood) with movie “Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondramaandu "in 2008 and in Kannada film industry (Sandalwood) with the film Josh in 2008.
Poorna (Shamna Kasim)



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