Deeksha Seth Hot Hot Stills

Name: Deeksha Seth
Date of Birth: 14/02/1990
Sex: Female
Profession: Acting
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 59-kg
Deeksha Seth took part in the Femina Miss India 2009. She was among the ten finalists and was also won Pantaloons Femina Miss Fresh Face subtitle on 5th April 2009. This 5'9" beauty loves swimming (Was selected to the national level ) , reading, watching movies and treking.


Each season brings each year a few fashion trends that become the distinctive taste of this special season. Similarly, in ten fashion trends for winter 2010 listed for men. Take a look:

Chunky / Ribbed Scarves:
Scarves are never modern, in fact, are a popular accessory, clothing is common in the winter season. This year is the mass / ribbed wool scarves found and wrap it in a style to beat the winter cold.

Military Flavor:
Military Fashion should be twisted a bit this winter. Just the army green and blue Air Force with a sheepskin jacket or a classic to keep warm and fashionable. This is a novel of winter clothes for men this season.

suede lined
Mid boots:
Half-boots are very "in" this winter season. Rather, they are essential to complete the military look. Find lined boots sheepskin chip to complete your look mid-plane.

One that may seem trivial, but velvet is indeed the fabric of the season this year. This is the perfect accessory for winter 2010, but if you go with this kind of velvet jackets subtle attempts to pass and costumes.

Tweed is still out in fashion this season. Check Tweed hot in warm tones and let fly over the counter mode with high all appeals. Whether jacket, tweed trousers and jacket is beautiful in all its forms.

Camel Tones:
The fashion color for winter 2010 is the shadow of the camel. So go ahead and take your favorite coat, jacket or pants made of cotton in classic shades of camel tones.

Pull up your socks in the style of this winter, simply take a pair of socks that fit well with the boots and put pants into socks. Let socks showing above the start line and you are willing, the streets in style skirt.

This style of campaign is very clear in the men's suits as well. The man of luxury, fashion, with this year include double-breasted suit, in addition to the best men with broad shoulders and narrow waist.

Waist coats:
West are an integral part of the full range of winter clothing for men. They are slim and sexy portable and can easily be in costumes jeans, Chinese and even manipulated! Therefore, make sure that the West are part of your wardrobe.

The Cardigans with a splash hit this winter. Therefore, we will lose again and stay heavy jacket designs in neutral tones, the way this season.