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Sakshi Gulati

Sakshi Gulati is an Indian actress, born on 10th March in 1984. She is one of Miss India 2007 Pageant finalists and crowned Miss Delhi in 2006. She graduated in Economics from Delhi University. Ramgopal Varma’s “contract” is her debut film in Bollywood. she has entering tollywood with film "Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appalaraju" against Sunil under Ram Gopal Varma direction. Her hobbies include reading, dancing and watching movies.

2011 - Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appalaraju (Telugu)

2010 – The Film Emotional Atayachar (Hindi)

2008 - Contract (Hindi)


So, how old are you really? How many often have you noticed that look like his friends from school, college, friends, etc. about the others? While one of them is 25, the other, without success, always trying to prove that fifty years ago. And you know, they are the same age ... This is where "organic (or actual) age" comes from the scene. Biological age shows how your body is not really that small number in your passport.

According to Professor Michael Royse, lifestyle each day plays an important role in the mechanism of human aging. If your friend looks like she is 20 years old if he is really 40, you follow a healthy lifestyle. Do not worry, however, that nothing is impossible: one can start to fight against aging and now all you have to do is, to a specialist for advice. So here:

• Regular consumption of tomatoes (tomatoes, grilled tomatoes) subtracted 1.9 of the current age of men and 0.8 years Age of women and makes them look younger.

• Daily use of aspirin is 2.2 years.

• Regular (daily) same-sex couples quality remains the same 2-8 years.

• 30-minute daily walk subtract 1.6 years.

• 30 minutes of exercise a week remaining 1.6 years.

• Daily doses of chocolate are very useful and extend its life to 1.3 years.

• The daily intake of 5 different fruits has 1.4 years.

• The daily consumption of one gram of nuts in any amount up to three years to your life.

• Consumption of fish boiled or steamed to prolong his life until the age of 3.

• Food supplements remains to offset to 3.3 years after their "apparent" age.

• laughter prolongs life significantly, 1.7 to 8 years.

• folic acid in a multivitamin or separately in the quantities of food to 1.2 years of your life.

• Calcium and calcium-rich foods - that a further 0.5 years.

• Take vitamins daily - add a further 0.4 years.

• Care of the mouth and teeth and visit the dentist every six months - 6.4 years.

• Breakfast each morning add 1.1 years.

• Wash your hands - 0.4 years.

• Good Night - 7 hours for women, 8 hours for men, add 3-12 astronomical its estimated life.

• stressful situations are very harmful. Only three catastrophic in your life can be shortened to 32 years to life.

• Keep your weight stable (ideal weight for women is the weight that they had when they were 18 for men 21) - 6 years.

• Use alcohol in small quantities (of course if you do not expire), the extended life of 1.9 years.